About us:
At RevoU, we are on a mission to transform how people and organizations learn, grow, and evolve to unlock their full potential. In today's fast paced environment, critical knowledge and skills constantly and rapidly evolve while (higher) education in Southeast Asia fails catch up and address people's and companies' growth needs - we are on a mission to change that, and together with it, the lives of millions of people.

We have built a more effective alternative to traditional universities and vocational schools, rethinking how education should serve both students and employers' needs in Indonesia's booming digital economy.

Working hand in with industry leaders, top companies and learning scientists we develop the most effective programs to deliver the learning that today’s job market needs. We obsess about our clients' & students' success and are relentlessly driven by the mission of unlocking the human potential.

In the short span of two years, we have grown into a 100 strong team and have already helped hundreds of students and dozens of companies to transform their careers & operations, with thousands more waiting to start their journey with us in the upcoming months.

If you are looking to have a real impact on people, companies, and the state of education in Indonesia as a whole, it looks like we might have a common goal and a journey to go on together.

About the role:

You manage and grow the team that owns the ultimate success criterion of RevoU: placing our graduates into roles in the profession of their dreams. Your team is in touch with the needs of hiring managers in the industries and translates them into learning goals for the career support curriculum. Your team delivers on the curriculum to ensure students are equipped with the critical knowledge of how to successfully apply for their dream job. You efficiently do so at scale by leveraging and managing our network of career coaches and empowering them to help our alumni succeed in their job hunt and make their dreams come true. You also work with our hiring partners to place our students at acclaimed companies such as Tokopedia, Shopee, or Traveloka. More details about the scope of responsibilities of your team:

  • Curriculum design & classes:
    Your team defines learning goals for the career support curriculum through feedback from RevoU's stakeholders (hiring partners, career coaches, students, instructors, etc.). It designs classes, workshops, assignments, and other materials to deliver on those learning goals to improve employability & job readiness. Constantly looking to improve what we do, you are responsible for implementing feedback mechanisms to track performance of your initiatives and to feed it back into the organization to improve further
  • Program operations & delivery:
    Your team is responsible for running classes and workshop for students which achieve the learning goals with industry leading student satisfaction. You are responsible for developing the metrics, systems, and processes to systematically track student success & happiness. Lastly, your team closely follows the progress of each student and ensure successful job placement of each and every student who puts in the effort to start a new career.
  • Career Coach Management:
    You are responsible for the recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing management of our career coaches who coach our students 1:1. This includes collecting student feedback on their coaches, monitoring coach performance, and providing supporting content, workshops, and other initiatives to empower career coaches to be successful in getting their students placed in the industry.

Skills & abilities we look for:

  • Ability to identify, excite, and bring on board top talent to join your team
  • Team building skills to motivate your team towards star performance while keeping them happy and excited
  • Sense of ownership and ability to plan & act autonomously
  • Avid learner who is able to grasp complex processes, concepts, and interdependencies quickly to draw the big picture & identify the right course of action for his/her team
  • Extraordinary planning & execution skills
  • Analytical and self-critical approach to problem solving & striving for operational excellence

Experience we look for:

  • 4-6 years of experience in technology, start-ups, consulting, or similar with minimum 2 years of team leadership
  • Track record of successfully managing & scaling operations involving complex processes and multiple stakeholders
  • Operating experience of being able to identify and set KPIs and manage metrics through automation and process improvements
  • Experienced project manager with track record of planning and rolling out critical projects in your area of responsibility
  • Accomplished manager & leader whose (former) employees would always want to work with again
  • Familiarity with OKR (or similar tools) and other management best practices
  • Experience in creating and delivering trainings & workshops is considered a plus
  • Operational experience in the recruitment industry is considered a plus
  • Track record in building successful teams & business from an early stage (as market launcher or fully new business) is considered a plus
  • Any experience that showcases you possess (transferable) skills/abilities mentioned above

Values & work principles we embrace which we hope you embrace too:

  • Highest standards: impeccable attention to details and high standards approach to your work. You can read more here on what we mean by having a culture of high standards. We also embrace the leading by example approach to management and therefore require especially our senior management to keep raising the bar when it comes to output quality and standards
  • Highly structured and process driven, with the ability of keeping the big picture in mind: the scope of work will be very broad and you will need to prioritize what is important and optimize for it (80:20 rule).
  • Ability to get sh*t done: you will have a team of incredibly talented and hard working doers around you but as a builder, you know that building something means rolling up the sleeves and getting into it yourself as well as you continuously set the vision for the team and help execute it as you grow the team that will achieve it. You will never be too senior not to do the work yourself.
  • Being an inspiring leader: you have a proven track record of hiring, growing and retaining high performance teams. You have done that by using a high dose of empathy, candor and team empowerment. As described below in our company principles, we put good management among the most important values of our company.
  • Passionate about education and obsessed about seeing people succeed: we are building a culture of people obsessively passionate about our mission of making people succeed & helping companies to be the best they can be. We will positively impact the lives of millions of people and we are relentless in making that happen. Hiring people with the same degree of genuine drive, makes everything much easier (and more fun)

IMPORTANT: given the importance of the role we are quite flexible in tailoring it to the right candidate and her/his experience. Lastly, we have a strong bias for offering broad responsibilities for our candidates so that you get the chance to “punch above your weight class


Our first promise - the ride of a lifetime

You will be joining the company in its most exciting phase, where things will move and change at a rapid pace and where the impact you will have on the overall business trajectory is unmatched by any other opportunity out there. You will witness the rapid scaling of our organization from 80 of us (we were only 10 of us just one year ago) to hundreds of incredibly talented and diverse people in the months and years to come.

Our ambitions reach far beyond Indonesia and while we don't care about a 'unicorn' status, we have no doubt we will achieve and surpass it in the next 5 years. This senior leadership position will grow in terms of responsibility and impact over the years to come - a fast track to a senior leadership role in one of the most influential EdTech companies in the region. The rocket ship is about to take off - the time to get on board is now.

The second promise - a good place to work

We are building a company that takes the growth of its employees on the same level as that of its students. It’s our mandate to make every one of our employees perform at the maximum of their capacity so that they can do here, at RevoU, the very best work of their lives. In practical terms:

  • we deeply value employee appreciation and we are going the extra mile to make everyone’s work feel appreciated and valuable
  • we are creating a culture of transparency and radical, caring feedback. That is, of radical candor, keep a zero-tolerance for bad management, making coaching and mentoring one of our fundamental value, not only towards our students but also towards our employees. For a more in-depth view of the type of organization we are building, you can read some of our Founder’s thoughts on these topics
  • this translates into record- high employee satisfaction (our monthly eNPS hovers on the 70-80 range), very low employees turnover and a disproportionate share of new hires coming from our employees referrals

The third promise – you will feel proud about your work

We believe that finding a fulfilling career should be among the most important priorities in one's life and that today’s job market offers endless opportunities to change the lives of many, for the better. You will play a fundamental role in making this possible.

And nothing will beat the sense of accomplishment once you will see that happening. Especially once you see that happening at scale.

You can see the impact we had on some of our students by reading some of their reviews.

Or read what our COO, who recently joined us had to say, on why he decided to took part in our journey.


These are 3 most important promises we are making to you.

If you are looking for typical ‘startup’ benefits: flexible and remote working environment (fyi - only 50% of our staff live in Jakarta), a very attractive package, premium health insurance, etc => we are offering you all these benefits as well

But don’t join us for these, join us for the 3 reasons above.