“We rise by lifting others”

Does the quote resonate with you?

Are you the person who finds joy in helping others to be more successful?

Do you feel empathy when listening to others and have a very strong urge to get them out of difficult situations?

If you are, this opportunity might be perfect for you.

At RevoU, we are on a mission to transform the state of higher education in Southeast Asia, and together with it, the lives of millions of people. We are building an alternative to traditional universities and vocational schools, rethinking how education should serve both students' and employers' needs in Indonesia's booming digital economy.

We offer an intensive live online program, teaching our students the hard and soft skills they need to launch or accelerate their tech industry careers. In our first 12 months, we have launched our first program, establishing ourselves as the fastest growing online higher education platform in Indonesia, doubling our student intake every batch, and facilitating hundreds of students to start their dream career in the Digital Marketing field.

The Role

Career Coach Coordinator

As a Career Coach Coordinator, you will work to support coaches and students in staying motivated and on track to get the best out of their learning experience and eventually help the students get hired following the completion of the program. You will collaborate with Faculty, Career Support, and the Labs team to drive excellent progress through curriculum development, teamwork, communication, and career readiness performance. You also will work, maintain, and nurture relationships with successful industry practitioners (Career Coach) to make students successful!

Education is a socio-economic escalator that can transform lives. If you seek a legacy of social impact, join us on the ground floor as a primary force to revolutionize education for millions of people!

More specifically you will:

Career Coach Monitoring

  • Analyze regular reports of students' performance in assets readiness (CV, LinkedIn, Portfolio, Interview Sheets) and students’ job hunting performance (progress on the job application, interview, and offer).
  • Lead process by regularly tracking, updating, and reporting student progress through data.
  • Facilitate and help Career Coach keep track of their to-do list, milestones, and SLA regulations.
  • Proactively identify and help Career Coaches when they face challenges related to our policies, milestones, and SLA.
  • Lead and facilitate the process of Career Coach cases (students transferred, career coach withdraw, and resign).

Career Coach Management

    • Assess students' feedback during the program related to career coach performance.
    • Lead process by regularly tracking, updating, and reporting student feedback through data and dashboard.
    • Facilitate the feedback to help career coaches improve skills in coaching and managing the students.
    • Facilitate the classes and sessions for career coaches during the program to help them help students.
    • Engage with Career Coaches to improve their retention rate by having regular outreach.


    • Experience in people development topics especially on academic, self-growth, or job search, ideally in a remote environment.
    • Deep and genuine passion in supporting the career growth and development of young talents and people looking to change their careers for the better. You will need to prove to us how you translated such passion into specific actions throughout your own career.
    • Detail-oriented and process-driven. You love making sure processes are followed and every detail is accurate. You are tireless in reminding students and career coaches to update their progress, fill feedback forms, etc. It bothers you if anything is out of place.
    • High empathy and great communication skills. You will be spending most of your time talking to our students, career coaches, or other teams. You will conduct live sessions for career placement (so public speaking experience will be a huge advantage) or via any communication platform that we have. You need to be comfortable discussing with students or career coaches on a 1:1 basis to assess progress and come out with the next step (influencing skill will be helpful!)
    • Growth mindset - willingness to learn and improve. You are unhappy with business as usual, you are constantly looking at new opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your work and how things are done.
    • Passionate about education and obsessed about seeing our students succeed in their careers, as we are building a culture of people obsessively passionate about our mission and the impact we can have on the lives of hundreds and (soon) thousands of people around Indonesia.


    Our first promise - the ride of a lifetime

    1. You will be joining the company in its most exciting phase, where things will move and change at a crazy pace and where the impact you will have on the overall business trajectory will be huge. You will witness the rapid scaling of our organization from just a few of us (we are still a relatively small team of 30 people) to hundreds of incredibly talented and diverse people in the months and years to come.

    The second promise - a good place to work

    1. We are building a company that takes the growth of its employees on the same level as that of its students. It’s our mandate to make every one of our employees perform at the maximum of their capacity so that they can do here, at RevoU, the very best work of their lives. In practical terms:
    2. We deeply value employee appreciation and we are going the extra mile to make everyone’s work feel appreciated and valuable
    3. We are creating a culture of transparency and radical, caring feedback. That is, of radical candor, to keep a zero-tolerance for bad management, making coaching and mentoring one of our fundamental values, not only towards our students but also towards our employees. For a more in-depth view of the type of organization we are building, you can read some of our Founder’s thoughts on these topics

    The third promise – you will feel proud about your work

    1. We believe that finding a fulfilling career should be among the most important priorities in one's life and that today’s job market offers endless opportunities to change the lives of many, for the better. You will play a fundamental role in making this possible.
    2. And nothing will beat the sense of accomplishment once you will see that happening. Especially once you see that happening at scale.