About us

We are the fastest growing Online School in Indonesia, supplementing graduates with the skills needed to be employable in Indonesia's digital jobs revolution.
We launched at the end of 2019 but have already helped hundreds of students to accelerate their career, with thousands more applying every month.

Join us in transforming the state of higher education in Indonesia, and together with it the lives of millions of people.

  • Work with some of the kindest, most talented and passionate individuals you will ever encounter in your professional lives.

  • Pick where you want to work from: some of us are in Jakarta, some in Bali, others in Bandung and some even in Europe

  • Join one of the fastest growing Education startup in Southeast Asia: we are less than 2y old and growing at a crazy pace

  • Be proud about your work and have a real impact on people's lives by giving them the education needed to transform their career